Marketers only have a few seconds to capture consumers’ attention and interest them in their brands.

That’s why our blog posts, like this one, will be short — informational and useful but should take under three minutes to read. (Check back with us, as we’ll regularly have blog posts on our website!)

Since we know YouTube viewers lose interest after a few seconds, we often recommend YouTube bumper ads for our customers. Bumper ads are non-skippable 6 second spots that, if done right, will boost brand awareness and ad recall (a metric that describes how many people recall seeing your ad).

We’ve found that bumper ads are effective when paired with longer form ads, and when they link to a YouTube channel/website with more information that relates to the message.

Some key points to keep in mind with bumper ads:

• Keep it simple: You have 6 seconds per ad. That’s it.
• Make an impact: Capture the viewer’s attention with impactful images, B-roll or audio.
• Retarget: Bumpers offer a great opportunity to retarget a user that has clicked through to your site or been to your YouTube channel.
• Targeting: Don’t waste your ad spend on reaching consumers who aren’t likely to be your customers. At Blossom, our process always begins with identifying your target demographic and value proposition, so that your messaging is effective and ads are reaching likely customers.

Brian Kramer
Director of Blossom Digital Marketing

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