We frequently are asked who uses each social media platform and how frequently consumers utilize them.

Navigating these platforms can be especially difficult from a marketing perspective. The following charts (current as of Q2 2020) show utilization rates by age for some of the most popular platforms and how much time each frequent user spends daily on the platforms.

Before we dive into the demographics, here are some key points to know:

• Marketers need to make sure they’re posting content or advertising that is unique to each platform. Consumers use them for different purposes so creative and messaging should reflect that, even if your target audience remains the same.

• Video is ubiquitous: Social algorithms on most platforms favor video content because it’s more dynamic and engaging.

• Authenticity is key: Studies show consumers trust brands that demonstrate honesty, especially on social media. Own your values, be authentic and have fun.

• Engagement: One of common threads on all social platforms is how critical engagement is. Interact, be conversational and answer questions. It’s “social” media for a reason!

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