Video Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Blossom offers hyper-local digital video advertising solutions that help get your message in front of the right consumers! Our Google-certified staff can serve ads on the YouTube network, targeting specific zip codes or down to a 1-mile radius of an area, and on streaming video and OTT (over-the top [of cable]) networks. 

In an average week, more 18+ year-olds spend more time watching YouTube than traditional television. This platform gives you the ability to reach consumers in a specific area, but also target based on demographic, contextual and in-market audience data. 

The Blossom team will help you identify the appropriate strategy for serving your ad. If you’re building awareness on a topic, you’ll have a different optimization than driving website clicks or selling a product or service. Some YouTube campaigns are served based on an impression (when your ad is seen), some on an ad view (when it’s seen for longer than 30 seconds), and some when you capture a conversion (an action that occurs on your website after they click on the video ad). YouTube ads have varying lengths: 6-second bumpers (read more here), 15-second non-skippable and longer skippable ads.

We can also serve ads on YouTube TV and other streaming OTT platforms. Need help with producing a video? Read more about our video production offerings!

Regardless of what your strategy is, our team will be happy to help you get exposure and reach your target demographic with video advertising solutions. Reach out to us here to learn more!

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