Geo-Targeted Display Ads

Navigating programmatic display advertising can be tricky. That’s why we’re here! We help get your business organization or brand exposure on websites and apps across the internet using targeted display ads leveraging powerful data and our Data Management Platform. 

We can target your display ads based on your target audience using the following categories: age, income, location, shopping habits, in-market segments, affinity audience segments, website traffic (used in re-targeting campaigns), and more! Our team has served geo-targeting campaigns for businesses of all sizes, ranging from home-based businesses to the Arizona’s largest grocer.

Clicks delivered for Blossom customers
(Over the last three years)
Impressions delivered for Blossom customers
(Over the last three years)
Hexcel Geo-Targeted Ad
Ride for the Warrior Geo-Targeted Ad
Central Arizona College Geo-Targeted Ad

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