Programmatic Advertising

Clicks delivered for Blossom Customers (Over the last 3 years)

Impressions delivered for Blossom customers (Over the last 3 years)

Navigating programmatic display advertising can be tricky, but its granular targeting and robust audience sets make it one of the most effective ways to market to consumers. Let’s break down how it works!

There are five main types of programmatic display advertising:

Geo-Targeting: These ads are targeted to certain ZIP codes or communities, and can be segmented by age, income, shopping habits, in-market segments and other categories.

Geo-Fencing: Have specific addresses you’re hoping to target? That’s what these are! The digital equivalent of a direct mail piece, but with robust conversion tracking and analytics to gauge campaign effectiveness.

Search Keyword Re-targeting: Are you looking to target consumers searching for specific things on Google? This is your kind of advertising. We upload keyword searches for your products, services (or even your competitors!) and serve ads across the internet to consumers who have conducted those searches.

Contextual Re-targeting: These area are served to consumers based on the websites they visit. If you own an auto parts store, targeting consumers who visit automotive blogs or follow those Facebook pages would make sense.

Re-targeting: Want to market to consumers who have visited your website? That’s what this is. Click through rates for re-targeting are 3-5x higher than average programmatic CTRs, making it a highly-effective component of most marketing campaigns.

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As a Google Partner, we have more access to help our customers with display ads, YouTube ads and Google search ads. Blossom has served geo-targeting campaigns for businesses of all sizes, ranging from home-based businesses to the statewide firms. We use a combination of Google Ads and a first-in-class Demand Side Platform, which has access to some of the best data out there. Ready to get started? Fill out the form below!

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