We’re thrilled to announce our long-anticipated partnership with Oracle Data Cloud has come to fruition.

This partnership gives our agency and its customers access to world-class audience data for campaigns on social media and programmatic advertising.

What does this mean?

Rather than just targeting using standard audiences, we’ll have access to reach consumers based on their real actions and transactions – Oracle’s partners include TransUnion, Visa, Mastercard, ComScore and IHS Markit (Polk). Primary data audience categories include automotive, B2B, education, health, finance, politics, retail and travel.

According to a recent study conducted by Google and Ipsos, ad relevancy can improve campaign effectiveness by 300%. With Oracle data, we’ll be able to carry out campaigns more effectively by matching consumer profiles with relevant ads. These expansive audience sets will allow Blossom customers to reach consumers in-market for products or services, based on loyalty factors, shopping habits and others.

Oracle is a global leader in data privacy compliance, as well, and takes that seriously.

The world is changing and we’re excited to be one of Oracle’s select partners, with access to top-notch data.

Brian Kramer
Director of Blossom Digital Marketing

Reach him at: